Showing Up

“Ass in the chair.” —Nora Roberts

Sometimes it’s as simple as that. Showing up even if you don’t feel like it. Why is it that when I decide that it’s time to sit and down and write, I suddenly want to do everything but write? Just today, I got up out of my chair and washed my yoga mat instead because all of the sudden I was plagued with the horror that I had never washed it before (if you don’t count the times I have been caught in the rain). The other day I got on the phone and ordered a white pages phonebook because I realized we didn’t have one. Does anyone even use a white pages anymore? I had to have it.

It’s hard getting started every day and it doesn’t get any easier. That’s why Hemingway stopped writing when the going was good: so he’d have an easier start the next day. Speaking of Mr. Ernest, he only stood when he wrote and for no noble reason other than he didn’t want a fat ass!

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