The Internet

“Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the Internet.”


Most writers I know find the Internet to be a real obstacle to getting writing done. The problem is that it’s always there, a temptation. I find myself doing “research” on the Internet all the time. I started keeping notes of what I was searching for so I’d recognize the stalling tactic it was.

Some writers install software on their computers so there is no Internet access for a certain period of time. Others write on computers that have no Internet access at all or they write in notebooks. There are artist colonies you can go to that have no WI-FI. I have writer friends who check their email at the end of the day instead of throughout, so that they are not sidetracked. I like this approach since it’s a little less extreme. I just have to figure out how to turn off the automatic notice I get whenever I receive an email, the little window that pops up so you read just enough words to become interested.

The other day, I was visiting a poet’s website. Under the contact information, she wrote that she had no email address of her own, no Internet access or computer. She said people could contact her through a friend. Some people would find this too extreme but I admire the boldness of this kind of lifestyle, of not being a slave to technology.


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