The Imagination

“The imagination has resources and intimations we don’t even know about.”

- Cynthia Ozick

Hal and I once heard Paul Harding, the author of the Pulitzer-prize winning Tinkers, read at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. Someone in the audience asked Harding afterwards if he had to do a lot of research about epilepsy before writing his book, in which the main character had epilepsy. Harding responded that he had relied mostly on family stories and his imagination. The audience was surprised, especially the members of the medical community.

The imagination is powerful, we must remember. There is so much at work when we are imagining things that we don’t realize its full expanse. In the process of creating, there is a connection that happens between the mind and the universe.

My first grade teacher once called an emergency parent teacher conference. She told my parents she was worried about how long it took me to sharpen a pencil –I’d get caught up staring out the classroom window and keep sharpening. My father defended me, said that my imagination was at work while I was sharpening pencils. “It’s important what she’s doing at the pencil sharpener,” he said to her. I was lucky to have a father, an architect and a great reader, who understood the importance of creative daydreaming.



2 thoughts on “The Imagination

  1. Hi Minter!

    Amy Bennett has encouraged me to read your blog, and I find it very inspiring! Thanks for writing!

    Liz Smith

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