Minter’s Blogs

Minter maintains two blogs.

From Minter’s Desk: Writing Inspiration

From Minter’s Desk shares quotes about writing and the creative process, as well as Minter’s musings about the quotes and the writing process itself.

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Electric Husband: On Parkinson’s

Electric Husband is a blog about Minter’s husband’s Early-onset Parkinson’s disease. It started as a journal documenting their day-to-day life with the illness. The journal became a respite and a source of satisfaction, a way to construct something out of the deconstruction that comes with a progressive illness. A year after starting the journal, Minter had hundreds of entries, and decided to publish selections in a blog. She is also writing and publishing essays on the subject. Publications have included The Hollins Critic, Many Mountains Moving, The American Journal of Nursing and a forthcoming issue of KYSO Flash.

Electric Husband is meant to help others going through similar experiences with family or friends who have a disabling disease, and to educate people about life with Parkinson’s. “Being able to write about Hal’s illness is a privilege,” Minter says, “because it gives me the ability to go beyond the fear and sadness, and to share our story.”

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