Originally from New Orleans, Minter Krotzer is a writer, teacher, and literary curator.  Her work has been published in many anthologies and literary magazines. Minter lives in Philadelphia with her husband, the poet Hal Sirowitz.

Minter Krotzer and Hal Sirowitz

Minter Krotzer and her husband, poet Hal Sirowitz, in Auvillar, France.

“My earliest memories are of listening to the grown-ups talk at the end of a day, sitting with their cocktails in the gallery or at the dinner table, sharing stories and news. Even going to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store could become a story, or going to the dentist or movies. Some stories would get re-told over the years but they’d still entertain. Almost as soon as I learned to read, when the lines on a page would shift from blur to meaning, I wanted to write my own stories.” –Minter